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If you have any comments, suggestions or overall inquires, please email the WMF Vice President: VP@wellesleymothersforum.com

If you are interested in speaking at one of our upcoming lectures or seminars, please contact Jenn Fallon at program@wellesleymothersforum.com

If you are a retailer interested in joining our Merchant Discount Program, please contact Rose Nolan  at marketing@wellesleymothersforum.com

If you are interested in catering an event, please contact Sita Merchea and Heather Adams at foodandbeverage@wellesleymothersforum.com

Mailing Address:
Wellesley Mothers Forum
P.O. Box 812023
Wellesley, MA 02482

Change of Address
Please log on to BigTent to update your personal information, such as address or email ID. If you are having difficulty after contacting IT support, please email vp@wellesleymothersforum.com.  Be sure to include your full name in the email.

Board Contact Information
Below is a list of our 2016-2017 board members and their e-mail addresses.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Co-Presidents: Julie Griffin and Christine Farley president@wellesleymothersforum.com

Vice President: Bettina Janco

Program Director: Jenn Fallon

Membership Co-Directors: Lorna O’Sullivan, Ashley Casey and Suzanne Manley

Marketing Director: Rose Nolan

Events Co-Directors: Jennifer Lord and Pippa Armbrester

Community Outreach Director: Andrea Schneider

Playgroup Director: Kim Markelewicz

Working Moms Director: Jen Perry

Treasurer: Elizabeth Lange

Food & Beverage Co-Directors: Heather Adams Sita Merchea

Forum Advisors:  Kelly Caiazzo and Kerry Earley