Membership Information

The Wellesley Mothers Forum is a member-led social and support group.  Members are required to live in Wellesley or surrounding towns and have at least one child (or be currently expecting).  The majority of our members have children between the ages of birth to eight years old. Our membership year runs from October 1 to September 30, with most events occurring September through June. Members are welcome to join the forum at any time throughout the year. No sponsorship is needed.

  • New Members: Each membership year begins October 1. If you join October through March, the dues are $165 and your membership lasts through September of the current year. No sponsorship is needed. If you join April through September, your membership will last through September of the following year (as a new member courtesy due to our events calendar being quieter during the summer months).
  • Current Members: Membership renewal occurs annually October 1. The annual registration fee is $165.

Membership dues cover the cost of lectures, seminars, playgroups, the Helping Hands Program, the Working Moms Group, children and family events, Mom’s Night-Out Events, the Moms with Newborns Support Group Series, access to the WMF website and message boards, enrollment in the Merchant Discount Program and much more.

The WMF encourages each member to contribute two volunteer hours per year to this member-run organization by volunteering for a committee, staffing an event, or preparing a meal for a family in need.

We also have an Alumni Membership option, available to those who have been general members for five or more years. Contact our membership team for details.

If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Co-Directors Lilla Nelson, Lindsay Gibson, and Julie Krathen at

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